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Marine Engine Diagnostics


Barry's Marine Services can perform a computer diagnostic on nearly every modern marine engine:
Yamaha / Mercury / Suzuki / Honda / Evinrude / Crusader / Volvo Penta / Mercruiser / Indmar / Pleasure Craft / Ilmor / Flagship / Marine Power


Some of the key / crucial data that our technicians can acquire:

  • Actual Engine Hours - Many boats have mechanical and digital meters that can be changed, disconnected, or tampered with. (Many boats have no meter at all)

  • RPM Run History (most models) - We can ascertain how aggressively the boat was run during it's life. How the hours are distributed through different RPM's.

  • Fault History - We have the ability to see if any faults have been stored in the computer. We can also see if there are any current faults affecting performance.

  • Overheat History - Our techs have the ability to see if there have been any overheats and how many have occurred.

  • Live Sensor Readings - We have the ability to read any available sensors in real time on the engine. This can be done with the engine off or running.

  • Diagnostic Tests - Each engine manufacturer has tests specific to their engines (Cylinder drop test, IAC valve tests, injector tests, etc.) 

  • Additional Manufacturer Specific Data - You will obtain every value and data point available from the ECM in your experts diagnostic report. 


Today's modern outboards, inboards, and inboard/outboards (I/Os) are controlled by computer modules similar to those found in automobiles with one key difference. Each engine manufacturer typically has a proprietary system unlike newer cars which feature generic OBDII Ports. Marine engines are not required to be OBDII compliant. The ability to communicate with today's modern engine computer systems is a requirement to quickly and efficiently diagnose, troubleshoot, and verify an engines health.

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