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Marine Engine Diagnostics


Barry's Marine Services can perform a computer diagnostic on nearly every modern marine engine:
Yamaha / Mercury / Suzuki / Honda / Evinrude / Crusader / Volvo Penta / Mercruiser / Indmar / Pleasure Craft / Ilmor / Flagship / Marine Power

Some of the key / crucial data that our technicians can acquire:

  • Actual Engine Hours - Many boats have mechanical and digital meters that can be changed, disconnected, or tampered with. (Many boats have no meter at all)

  • RPM Run History (most models) - We can ascertain how aggressively the boat was run during it's life. How the hours are distributed through different RPM's.

  • Fault History - We have the ability to see if any faults have been stored in the computer. We can also see if there are any current faults affecting performance.

  • Overheat History - Our techs have the ability to see if there have been any overheats and how many have occurred.

  • Live Sensor Readings - We have the ability to read any available sensors in real time on the engine. This can be done with the engine off or running.

  • Diagnostic Tests - Each engine manufacturer has tests specific to their engines (Cylinder drop test, IAC valve tests, injector tests, etc.) 

  • Additional Manufacturer Specific Data - You will obtain every value and data point available from the ECM in your experts diagnostic report. 


Today's modern outboards, inboards, and inboard/outboards (I/Os) are controlled by computer modules similar to those found in automobiles with one key difference. Each engine manufacturer typically has a proprietary system unlike newer cars which feature generic OBDII Ports. Marine engines are not required to be OBDII compliant. The ability to communicate with today's modern engine computer systems is a requirement to quickly and efficiently diagnose, troubleshoot, and verify an engines health.

Our technicians are experts at analyzing engine computer data and diagnostics. We can advise you if your having an issue with your engine. Arm yourself with this information before getting ripped off by a mechanic. Our techs have no bias.


If your buying or selling a boat, the new owner should attain computer data. Many hour meters are not accurate and can be tampered with. Our expert techs see discrepancies every week. Engines are expensive. Don't get ripped off by a dishonest seller. For sellers, our diagnostic report will set you apart from other boats on the market and help you sell faster. 

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